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Ron Mack, BE (Hons), BEc
Managing Director, Mack Consulting Group

Ron Mack founded Mack Consulting Group in 1980, after seven years with international consulting firm, PA Consulting. Over more than 30 years, he has provided advice and consulting services to public corporations, government agencies, private companies, start-up technology ventures and other organisations throughout Australia. He has also consulted to clients in Japan, SE Asia and the Middle East, and has worked on consulting assignments in many countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Ron has complemented his consulting work with interim chief executive and non-executive director appointments for companies in food processing, electronics, engineering, construction, tourism and agribusiness. He has also presented sessions on strategy, business planning, marketing, exporting and finance for leading professional development programs conducted by the Institute of Company Directors, Enterprise Workshop, Australian Institute of Export and others.

With qualifications in engineering and economics, many years of consulting and hands-on management experience and extensive professional development in all aspects of management, Ron is able to draw upon a wide range of expertise and experience in the planning and execution of business strategy in both the public and private sectors.


Denise Hall, BA (Training & Development)
Associate Consultant

Denise has 15 years consulting experience, including five years with leading international consulting company, Proudfoot. Her prior professional career was with one of the major banks, primarily in communication, organisational change and staff development roles throughout the bank.

Denise has extensive consulting experience in business process review and the development of operating systems to meet customer service requirements, demonstrate and sustain performance improvement and increase productivity. In particular, she has a strong focus on the development of employee skills training systems to apply new concepts and enhance customer satisfaction.

She has worked on a wide range of consulting projects in Australia, Malaysia and the United States. She has experience and expertise in retail, manufacturing and tourism, and she has the unique record of being one of the few females Australia-wide to have worked in an underground mine!


Richard Fox, BSc (Hons), PhD, MBA
Associate Consultant

Dr Richard Fox has 10 years’ consulting experience, following a distinguished career in industry working with multi-national corporations in Australia and overseas.

He specialises in providing consulting services to SMEs, including performance review, development and implementation of business development and marketing plans, launching new products, and staff development using fully-customised training programs. He has also consulted extensively in the public sector, particularly in the areas of industry program evaluation, review of government funding applications and feasibility studies for new ventures.

Richard also has a strong focus on technology commercialisation. He has significant hands-on experience in the development of new products and ventures in explosives, advanced ceramics, instrumentation and other products. He has also held a CEO role with a government-funded technology consulting & investment company involved in industry-driven collaborative R&D projects.